Welcome to the Lake Avenue Choir blog!  We are a 120-voice choir dedicated to singing about the great love, beauty, and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This blog is a way to keep us all connected as the choir goes “out of the loft”, traveling away from our home. Our next stop is Argentina! And not all of the choir has been called to travel to Argentina. The Lord has graciously provided that some of our members are “Senders”, praying for us and supporting us from home. Others are “Goers”, praying for us and supporting us from the road. We may be physically apart for 2 weeks in August, but we are united in desiring that all may know more about Jesus.

We travel as a choir to proclaim God’s truth and love through music. Listening to music engages the whole person in a way that listening to a lecture or to the sounds of nature does not. We are designed to respond deeply to the beauty in music, allowing a doorway into the heart of the listener. It is exciting to partner with God in showing off His
love, grace, and glory!

This blog will also look at some aspects of a choir that might seem strange to us 21st century sophisticated Southern California dwellers, such as: What’s with the robes? Why do you process into church? Why are you singing as a group, anyway?

Come back often and leave your comments!

1 Response to Welcome

  1. Fátima Cebral says:

    My dearest singers!
    I wish you all to have a very happy Christmas, and an excellent new year’s eve, with all your family and the ones you love!
    Big hug from Buenos Aires! God bless you all!


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