Choral Bells

Handbells are individual bells developed to be rung by a single person, instead of a large
bell rung from a belfry.  Each bell is equal to one key on a piano.  Some bell choirs have 5 octaves of bells, others have 3 or 4 octaves.  A 3 octave choir can play most any song.  (We are taking 3 octaves to Argentina.)  Each bell ringer is responsible for 2 or more bells (or notes on a piano) and the accompanying flat or sharp (as the music is written). For example, the person with the middle C handbell usually also has the B below middle C and will handle C#/Db, and Bb.

As a ministry within the Worship Division of Lake Avenue, the bell choirs’ primary objectives are to honor God through worship by means of music, and to lead the congregation in worshipping God.

Anyone part of a bell choir is:

  • trained for ministry, no matter your age. Each ringer is challenged to grow in his/her musicianship through a variety of musical genre and styles.  Each ringer is encouraged to pray for each other and for creating music with the bells.
  • experiencing first-hand the meaning of interdependence within the choir.  This is a picture of the Body of Christ where all members are essential parts, and all must contribute in order for the body to function at 100%. The bell ringers     come to understand the concept of “unity” and contributing their part to the whole.
  • building each other up for ministry. In rehearsal and performance there are very practical lessons on living as the Body of Christ: learning to work together,  forgiving each other, encouraging each other, loving each other, trusting each other.
  • experiencing the empowering of the Holy Spirit as the ringers call on Him to help them do their best, whether in rehearsal or in leading worship. Each rehearsal and service opportunity is covered by corporate and private prayer.
  • declaring Christ and Christ’s gospel to the community and to the world.

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