Week 5 Journey to the Festival

Last night was another long march through snippets of songs.  We are holding on to the faith in John, trusting that he has prepared us well for Sunday.  Aaack, is the Festival just 3 days or less than 72 hours away?? 

Then, the sense of labored work vanishes, the white knuckle fear is changed to gratitude and worship as a piece comes together.  There were many such moments, but describing one will give a taste:

Ed Wilmington has set the traditional hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy” in a wonderful combination of Santo, Santo.  Santo is Spanish for holy.  The parts echo each other, first the men sing “santo” and women sing “holy”, then the women sing “santo” against the men’s “holy”.  Just lovely.

 The music draws us nearer to the Throne, with one seated on it who had the appearance of jasper and carnelian surrounded by an emerald rainbow.  Now the women cry holy, now the men.  Will we really be surrounded by such goodness in eternity?

 Got it.

 The journey fills my soul, energizes my body, and shows me new things about our Lord.


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