Week 4 Journey to the Festival

Ed Wilmington has composed a vigorous musical setting of Bryan Jeffery Leech’s “Giver of the Gift of Singing” (words below) for the Festival. 

If you ever looked up at a choir loft and wondered just what those people, dressed in the same out-of-fashion robes, were thinking, these lyrics provide a window into their thoughts.  They give a sense of what motivates us to get to places in the wee hours, give away our free, non-working hours, and to gulp down meals between events. 

 And, it gives a useful corrective to our motivations.  Indeed, musicians are tempted to fall in love the sounds, the rhythms, being in front of an audience.  It really is all about us, right?  It is in the moment of forgetting and soaking in ME that humbling comes in the form of inert rocks providing compelling harmonies to God.  Whoops!  Thought it was ME that was important!

The music ends with a sense of moving forward into the worship at the Throne, the moment when we will get to see face to face that which “our being longs”. 

 Giver of the Gift of Singing

Bryan Jeffery Leech

Giver of the gift of singing,
We adore You through our songs;
We discover purest pleasure
When for You our being longs.

 Here we find a fresh excitement,
Here we sense true harmony;
We are raised up to Your presence
In sublimest ecstasy.

Giver of the gift of singing,
We do more than soaring birds.
We exceed the lofty skylark,
From the heart we sing You words.

 Tho’ts expressing adoration,
Themes that poets have refined;
Lyrics fit for celebration
From the heart, the soul, the mind.

 Giver of the gift of singing,
Music may become our aim;
So that worship fails to move us,
And we find ourselves to blame.

 When our gifts obscure the Giver,
When, forgetting You, we’re proud,
Then our sliver sounds are silenced,
And the stones much cry aloud!

Giver of the gift of singing,
You invented such delight;
Thank You for the music makers,
Those who sing and play and write.

 For we join the host of heaven,
Though we cannot hear their song,
Moving nearer to the moment
When we’ll join that perfect throng!

 Bryan Jeffery Leech links see here:  http://songsandhymns.org/people/detail/bryan-leech

For a great look at the inspiration for one of Leech’s pieces, see here.  It’s worth the click!  http://songscoops.blogspot.com/2009/03/come-share-lord-bryan-jeffery-leech.html. 


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