Hosting Solana Beach Choir This Weekend (Feb. 11-12)

We are looking forward to sharing worship with a sister choir, from Solana Beach Presbyterian Church (, led by Dan Bird (, scroll down).  Dan is an accomplished choral conductor and composer, leading through music as much as through being a pastor to musicians.  Did I mention he is incredibly funny, sometimes a rehearsal will stop completely because everyone is laughing!  Dan was on the staff of Lake Avenue Church and so holds a special place in our hearts.

 There is a certain frisson in the air when church musicians gather.  We share our love and dependence on the Lord Jesus AND musical ability.  The practiced art of integrating the Kingdom of God with embodied expressions of praise creates a deep sense of community.

We will have a dinner and combined rehearsal Saturday evening, beginning at 5:00 pm, today Feb. 11, and lead together in worship Sunday February 12 at the 9 and 11 am services.

Do come for any and all of these lived expressions of worship!

We will try to live blog these events….stay tuned!


About LakeAvenueChoir

120 voice choir dedicated to bringing glory to God through the musical and visual arts.
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