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Rehearsal III

Here are some photos from this evening, from the beautiful table settings to the rehearsal.  We are doing a surprise song from memory tomorrow!!  Come and hear! I trying something new for the slide show…but you will have to click … Continue reading

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Rehearsal II

The hardest thing about singing as a group is unified cut-offs and entrances. Unity is a gift from the Holy Spirit and we are experiencing the joy of that unity and proclamation of the Word! We are His people!

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Coming into Unity: tonight’s rehearsal

We are starting rehearsal, Dan is addressing us. We love being with each choir. Dan just told us that Solana Beach has a new organ! What a praise! More later.

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Week 5 Journey to the Festival

Last night was another long march through snippets of songs.  We are holding on to the faith in John, trusting that he has prepared us well for Sunday.  Aaack, is the Festival just 3 days or less than 72 hours … Continue reading

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Week 4 Journey to the Festival

Ed Wilmington has composed a vigorous musical setting of Bryan Jeffery Leech’s “Giver of the Gift of Singing” (words below) for the Festival.  If you ever looked up at a choir loft and wondered just what those people, dressed in … Continue reading

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Hosting Solana Beach Choir This Weekend (Feb. 11-12)

We are looking forward to sharing worship with a sister choir, from Solana Beach Presbyterian Church (, led by Dan Bird (, scroll down).  Dan is an accomplished choral conductor and composer, leading through music as much as through being … Continue reading

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Mark Hayes Interview

Mark Hayes ( is a special guest of the Brehm Center and Fred Bock Institute of Music worship weekend this Saturday February 11 and Sunday February 12.  Saturday is a full day of discussions, with Mark and others, around the theme … Continue reading

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Week 3 Journey to the Festival

I strap on my seatbelt for the wild ride of rehearsal. John suddenly stops in the middle of singing “It is well with my soul”, with a jarring question:  “What does it feel like when things are not well with … Continue reading

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Week 2 Journey to the Festival

Rehearsals are definitely intense, as we move swiftly from one song to another.  John jokes, informing the visitors (January is “come try the choir” month) that the rehearsals are not usually so intense!  That elicits quite the guffaw from the … Continue reading

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