Journey to the Festival: January 5 Thursday Rehearsal

The first rehearsal back after Christmas break is a little like coming back to school after a FABulous summer.  During Christmas break, there were no 8 am Sunday call times, no sudden panic as you realized that you didn’t really know your part (what was that note?)  To soften the return, we want to be gently led by the smooth waters, slowly returning to the rigors of shaping tones and watching for cut-offs.

 Imagine our surprise when we discover, over the next six (6) rehearsals (from Jan. 5 to Feb. 9), we will be learning 18 new songs for a festival of worship on February 12 (  Eighteen??  And we are jogging through 14 pieces tonight!  No gentle beginnings here….

 Off we go into unfamiliar melodies, lots of words (and not so much time to say it all), wonderfully complex music.  Looking closely at the scores, it begins to dawn:  Many of these pieces are commissioned for the Festival.  The music is freshly composed!  Some pieces were published in 2011!

 We are blessed to have local composers who are working right alongside of the choral musicians.  They are producing glorious pieces to magnify our Lord, to give new glimpses of what it means to be living the with-God life. 

 Come along on the journey, as we whoosh through rehearsals to fully embody this music as an offering to God on Feb. 12.


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120 voice choir dedicated to bringing glory to God through the musical and visual arts.
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