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Testimonies of God’s Power: UPDATED

John Sutton wisely chose to highlight a few of the struggles choir members had on the road to Argentina.  Wisely, because our glitter outfits and tuxedos, beautiful songs, and accomplished musicians may have appeared to be due to the fact … Continue reading

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The Body of Christ

Our trip experiences have caused me to reflect on our identity as the body of Christ.  Our head is Christ and we all perform different functions.  For example, there are  Those who handle equipment,  Our conductor,  Our conductor’s  wife, who … Continue reading

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Day 3: Rock Stars

First concert School for Singing Children Day 3, we traveled across the country leaving behind Cordoba.  So much has happened already, 2 rehearsals, 3 concerts, and an uplifting informal “mix” singing for and with the children of the Instituto Domingo Zippoli … Continue reading

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We are home, safe, albeit some hacking, coughing, and sniffing still in evidence. We are profoundly gratfeful to our Father who has protected us and allowed us to glorify His Name. We are thankful for each prayer and each person … Continue reading

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The Abundant Grace of Our God

Surprises awaited us at Rio Cuarto.  The church connected us with a rehabilitation center/women’s shelter.  Women with and without children live in safety and love, building a new life with God’s redeeming grace.  We went to sing to the women … Continue reading

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Audience of One

We have sung for a half dozen, hotel staff, over 500 in a city theatre, 20 people in a restaurant, and a few mothers and children at a recovery center. I am amazed at David Hughey.  Each time he sings, … Continue reading

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Presentation of Song Offerings

The choir memorized about 25 songs for the Argentina mission opportunity, allowing John Sutton flexibility when choosing our offerings for each concert.  There has been no set order to the songs.  It has been such a delight, knowing what we … Continue reading

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Ain’t Got Time: UPDATED

Here is wonderful snippet of David Hughey singing with us to the children at the School for Singing Children. UPDATED:   The link issue has been resolved, thank you oodles to the family member who has brought the problem to our … Continue reading

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Hallelujah with the School for Singing Children

The video clip is from the School for Singing Children.  LAC Choir is singing the Hallelujah chorus with the children, who are packed into a large room or meeting area.  This is a cappella and the instruments are almost not missed!

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August 7 slide show

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